Apex Skimboards was founded in 2008 with one purpose in mind, to make the best performance skimboards on the market.  From the start, their innovative technology and highest quality materials has set us apart from other skimboard companies.  Each board's art is hand laid to make each one unique.


Apex’s Vacuum Bag Technology is used to create every Apex Board. It is an advanced construction process used to maximize strength and eliminate weight. The theory behind the technology is to pack as much fiber into the board and remove as much resin as possible. The board’s fiberglass material is compacted with three to four tons of force. Meanwhile, dedicated vacuum channels extract excess resin directly from the board during the curing process. This process is so effective that the board can have additional fiber reinforcement without any weight penalty. This is how APEX boards are the strongest and the lightest.

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Apex Skimboards

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