Based in Santa Cruz, CA Blood Orange was founded in 2010 with the initial goal of creating hugh quality bushings for the premium truck manufacturer Caliber Truck Co. The results were so well-received that they then decided to sell them as aftermarket product for everyone to enjoy (no matter what trucks they ride).  As demand for their bushings grew, Blood Orange decided to expand into creating premium aftermarket accessories including griptape, slide gloves, hardware, and wheels. All their products are made in America from the finest available materials.  Check out some of their product videos below for more information!



Bushings are the single easiest upgrade you can make to your skateboard in pursuit of a truly customized feel. In order to achieve this, Blood Orange offers 4 different shapes bushings poured with ultra high rebound American made urethane. 

Cone: The cone bushing will offer the least resistance and the most amount of turn possible in your trucks for quick turning carving fun. They can be used in a cone top and cone bottom combination for maximum surfiness, or with a barrel on bottom for a more stable and progressive feel while maintaining an easy turn.

Barrel: The barrel is the gold standard shape for most trucks. It provides a linear feeling turn due its symmetrical shape, and can be used in combination with nearly any other shape. Many riders find that a barrel top and barrel bottom combination provides a perfect feel, and can be customized even more by using different durometer combinations.

Wedge: The Blood Orange Wedge shape will provide the most resistance to turn out of any of our shapes due to all the extra material in the shape and much wider base. Many of our riders choose this bushing to use on bottom of their set-up to add extra stability to their ride at high speeds.

Insert Barrel: The Insert Barrel is our newest shape. It is based off the classic barrel shape, and features an insert portion that fits into the kingpin hole of your truck hanger. This reduces slop and extra movement in your truck while also providing a stronger and more assertive return to center and more stable center point. They are used either top or bottom and in combination with any other shape except another Insert Barrel.



Blood Orange maintains a focus on high quality product that just works right and they have easily established themselves as one of the best wheel brands in the market. These wheels are developed in real world applications to suit the needs of beginners as well as the most demanding needs of our top riders. They offer 3 series of wheels for freeriding, downhill, and street/park.  

Morgans: The Morgan wheel comes in three different sizes to fit your ride style and set up. Developed in conjunction with Liam Morgan, this wheel offers predictable performance and leaves thick thane lines on the street. The granular nature of the formula gives good feedback from the road to provide maximum control while fully radiused edges promote an easy slide with forgiving and smooth release and hook ups. 



Alpines: The Alpine is a 73mm sharp lipped wheel developed to provide reliable grip and capabilities to get you down the hill fast and safely. The Mountain Pass urethane formula is the right choice for high rebound and fast roll speed to tackle the most technical roads you can find. The lip is shaped to grip grip grip, but still get out of the way for smooth drifting and control where you need it. 


Street/Park: Blood Orange Street and Park wheels come in a premium 99a formula and two shapes with 3 sizes. The conical shape is designed for a responsive feel and less weight to allow for technical performance on rails and ledges. The rounded shape has a wider cut and profile, allowing for more roll speed and grip in streets and transitions.




Blood Orange knows it’s really the little things that take your ride to the next level and that’s why we are committed to thoughtfully addressing all these needs to provide products like Slide Gloves, Griptape, Bearings, and assorted hardware. Whether you are looking for a pair of slide gloves that fit comfortably and breathe well, or a super gritty sheet of grip to keep your feet planted where they need to be, Blood Orange has all these and more with the same performance and quality you know in our other products.


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