Blueprint was established in 1995 by British company Faze 7 Distribution. They are the first to pave the way for skateboarding culture in the United Kingdom. Because the United States dominates the industry, many people believed that skate companies in other countries would not be able to flourish as quickly. Despite the odds, Blueprint has steadily grown into its current position in the forefront of European skateboard companies. Specializing in hard and softgoods, Blueprint produces skate gear that’s favored by pro skaters around the world. Constructed from traditional 7 ply maple, their decks are shaped for cruising and free riding. From spray-on to pressed graphics, Blueprint skateboard decks are colorful, creative, and unique. Their wheels mimic their decks in regards to color and artwork. Blueprint skateboard wheels are available in four styles: Big Smoke, Good Wheels, Spray Heart, and Infinity Core. Not designed for any specific riding style, their wheel series are made to mix and match with the rest of their board components. When it comes to this skate company, customizing doesn’t have to stop at the skateboard. Their line of apparel also matches the graphics found on their gear. If you want to enhance your skater image, then Blueprint skateboard t- shirts are a necessity. They also have a selection of zip up hoodies and three quarter length tops. Complete your look with a Blueprint skateboard hat. It will keep the sun out of your eyes and your head cool when skating hard. From decks to clothing, Blueprint has everything you need for skating excellence.
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