The heart and soul of Hurt Life is work ethic.  It's about living your reality and making "it" happen.  "It", is your life.  It is struggles and failures that lead to success.  Hurt Life is blue collar, working class pride in what you do.

Hurt Life is skateboarding.  To acheive anything in skateboarding there will be hurt involved.  Be persistent, hold fast and keep on fighting through the pain of many disappointments to ultimately realize triumph.  Then do it again, and again.

Hurt Life is stylish, classic, and bold.  We don't chase trends or fads.  We do what we like and think is cool.  We design things that catch our eye.  Things that are timeless.  Hurt Life is not about rich or poor.  It's about the people who have spirit to endure.  The Hurtlifers.

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