Bill ILIFFE is the founder and designer of ILIFFE Truck Co. Bill started skateboarding when he was 10 years old in 1975, he competed throughout the 80’s riding vert and pools. ILIFFE went back to college in the 90’s and gained an engineering degree and managed to skate through the 90’s and 2000’s and still skates and surfs to this day… every day.

ILIFFE has 20 years in the Hi-tech industry as an engineer and 3d Cad expert. He has designed and manufactured simple parts and assemblies to complicated robotic systems. However, his passion has always been skateboarding. Bill has taken his engineering knowledge and capabilities and somehow weaved it into his dream – designing trucks for skaters who demand the best!

ILIFFE Truck Co. is based out of Kapalua Maui where all of our trucks are designed and test ridden within the amazing backdrop of the pacific Ocean and the gnarr hills and craters that the islands offer.


ILIFFE Truck Co. realizes it’s not about a singular person or thing. Skateboarding is a culmination of many things that makes it magical for everyone who rides… in fact, that is what its about… its about the ride. Go find yours. Discover it, Enjoy it… RIP IT!

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Iliffe Truck Co.

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