Pig Wheels was started in 1993 out of the Tum Yeto cluster fuck family of core skate brands. For over 20 years Pig has continued to produce one of the best urethanes available for skateboarding. Pig offers a full selection of wheels including street, park, cruisers, colored and swirl urethane. All these in many sizes and shapes to give skateboarders the selection they need to conquer any terrain. Pig also offers a full line of hard goods: bearings in five different ABEC grades, high quality grip tape, bolts, wax, risers and even rails. Pig Wheels is professionally endorsed by Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Jeremy Leabres, Blake Carpenter, Nick Merlino, Ed Templeton, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Ryan Spencer, Zack Wallin, Clint Walker, Matt Bennett, Cole Wilson, Pat Burke, Forrest Edwards, Anthony Schultz, Nestor Judkins, and Louie Barletta! Our team riders have input on everything from graphics, shapes and wheel formulas... making Pig Wheels more of a family then just another shitty wheel brand. Try some for yourself. Respect the Pig!

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