Prism is skater owned, developed, and operated. We started our brand in Santa Cruz, CA in 2016 as a group of friends with the focus of keeping skateboarding fun and authentic. Our crew includes Liam Morgan, James Kelly, Max Myers and now many others. Each of us has spent time in the skate industry either as professional riders or employees for some of the industry’s best-known companies.

We decided to build Prism because we felt there wasn’t a board company out there that reflected our style and passion so instead of being fine with that, we went out and built it ourselves.

We aim to draw from skateboarding’s past and present and our goal is to produce product that is authentic to the rich history of skate while reflecting surf/snow culture and contemporary art to achieve a modern aesthetic.

What we believe 

We want to make skateboarding accessible to anyone interested in stepping on a board and inspire them to take it further. We design our boards to be accessible to beginners but perform at a high level as the rider’s skill progresses. We are able to achieve this because we’ve spent years on boards ourselves figuring out what works and what doesn’t. We work with some of the best photographers, filmers, and riders in the world to inspire others to pick up a skateboard. 

The Product 

All of our boards are designed to work their best exactly as they arrive to your store. The kick-tails on our cruisers are actually functional, the components are high end, and everything just feels right. We work with our team in real world applications to ensure that performance is always at the forefront and never an afterthought. We’ve paired up with Caliber Truck Co. and Blood Orange to complete our boards with the best components so you’re getting the best possible ride out of your board.

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