We all started for the same reason…it was just so damn fun…nothing more, nothing less. We owe skating for all the good times and hard lessons…and we are so stoked to have an opportunity to still be a part of something so special, and that’s why we put our hearts into making the best skate deck possible. Sure…manufacturing our boards in our own factory here in the USA is more expensive and difficult, but we wouldn’t think of doing it any other way….and here’s why:

This wood is as fresh as it gets…it does not get put in a shipping container and shipped abroad while being exposed to dramatic climate and humidity changes. This board was a tree a few weeks ago…the pop speaks for itself.

Making our boards here in America allows for an unprecedented level of quality control and manufacturing turn around times. We catch problems before they ever leave our facility in the great north woods. We don’t have to wait for them cross an ocean or a border till we can guarantee they are good enough to deliver to our customers.

Most importantly our boards are made by American workers who understand skateboarding and have had their lives impacted by it. They know the board they are pressing is not a piece of laminated lumber. ..It’s a conduit for creativity, an instrument of liberty, and simply a hell of a lot of fun for the skater it’s going to meet once it ships out of our factory. It’s that critical path from tree to genuine human stoke that we work so hard to grow and defend…and we could not be more grateful for the opportunity to do so.

So thank you for choosing Quincy Woodwrights…Thank you for supporting us so that we can do this here in the USA…Thank you for paying for a premium American deck instead of going with a cheaper product without a pulse…but most importantly, Thank you for skating …we hope that every time you skate our wood it reminds you why you started in the first place…because it’s just so damn fun.

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