Rolo Board is the perfect balance board for board sport enthusiasts or anyone that wants to train and have fun while increasing their balance and overall core strength.  The Rolo Board balance board design was inspired to give Surfers, Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Snowboarders and board riders of all ages, a fun training device to enhance their core and board riding performance.  Only Rolo Board uses a Multi-Fulcrum design and includes 2 rollers for unlimited maneuverability.

Both rollers give you a unconventional and fun way to increase your balance and overall core strength, therefore achieving maximum and accurate results.  Perform and practice countless tricks, exercises, and training techniques.  Balance boards have been around for a long time. The balance boards on the market today have minimal movement which can only help you in a minimal way.  Don’t mistake this for an Indo Board.  Indo boards restrict you from performing a rail-to-rail motion.  A Rolo Board has unlimited movement and can enhance your balance and coordination in a big way. Rolo Board isn’t just a balance board for surfers, or a surf balance board. Its a balance board for everyone that wants to enhance their overall balance, coordination and core strength.  Practice unlimited amount of balance board exercises using the original roller or the pro roller.



The Original Roller allows you to do twists and turns while rocking Nose-to-Tail simultaneously.  Easy to learn and great for getting your core workout. Zig-Zag around the room or rock to your own pace.

Challenge: Try performing twists and turns without touching the ground!

Tip: Get a wide athletic stance, bend your knees more then you think, and keep your back straight.

The Pro Roller is placed parallel with the rails which allows you to rock the deck Rail-to-Rail.  More challenging to learn but once mastered you can perform surf and snowboard like motions.  Cross-step surf or grab a rail in a snowboard stance!

Challenge: Rocking the board rail-to-rail with out touching the ground! Cross-Step and hang five or ten!

Tip: Stagger your feet (toes and heel are touching the edge of the deck), and bend your knees.

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Rolo Board

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