“In 2010 we noticed some vert skaters, downhill skaters, BMX riders and roller derby players were getting knocked out and in some instances getting traumatic brain injuries while wearing traditional soft foam skate helmets. We decided to take the soft foam helmets into the testing lab and learned that the impact energy goes directly through the soft foam helmets and rattles the brain. So we set out to make a better, safer helmet and the result of our efforts culminated in the creation of the S1 Lifer Helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is constructed with EPS Fusion Foam and is 5x more protective than soft foam skate helmets. The S1 Lifer Helmet passes the ASTM multiple impact test and the CPSC high impact test (soft foam helmets fail both of these certification tests).

In addition to making sure the S1 Lifer Helmet meets and exceeds the certification standards we go above and beyond industry standards for quality and safety by batch testing every run we make to ensure the quality and safety standards are consistent and reliable. The S1 Lifer Helmet and our knee and elbow pad line have become the standard for quality and invocation in protective gear worldwide.

S1 Helmet Company has created a wide range of protective gear for skateboarding, roller skating, BMX, bike, e-transport, scooter and roller derby. We have always been innovators and leaders in our industry and S1 Helmets and Pads have become the standard for quality, fit and function. S1 Helmet Company is a boutique brand focused on quality over quantity and have focused our sales channels on specialty retail and direct to consumer only. By keeping our focus on quality we make less product to insure that the product we do produce is of the highest quality. We have never wanted to become the biggest brand we simply want to be the best.

With the S1 Lifer Helmet we made a helmet that we would want to wear and that we could 100% recommend to team riders, family and friends. When you are wearing an S1 Lifer Helmet you know that you are wearing the best and if you own a retail shop you know that you are offering the best helmet to your customers.”

– Dan McCashin Co Founder | S1 Helmet Company

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