The story of the Sector 9 began in a La Jolla backyard in 1993. At the time the house consisted of some good college friends, a mini ramp, pool table, ping pong table and shaping room all just across the street from some nice smooth hills down to the reefs of Bird Rock. Being that the house had all these fine features, it became quite the hangout spot. During this time one of the house favorite hill cruisers, a Sims snowboard-turned-skateboard, was stolen from North Bird, a surf spot in La Jolla. Dennis, who had been shaping surfboards at the house during this time, used some of the scraps from their backyard ramp to shape a couple replacement hill bombers, which he proceeded to paint and adorn with a 9 Ball logo. Sector 9 was born!

Lots of learning and a couple evictions later we were forced to move into our first warehouse in what would become the Sector 9 skateboard factory. To this day we continue to manufacture a large portion of our boards at our factory in San Diego, Ca.


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Sector 9

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