Shark Shield is for professional adventurers. It is the worlds only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for locating food. Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform turns sharks away by causing unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors. Used by professionals, such as navies around the world, Shark Shield is a safety device providing peace of mind, while supporting the conservation of sharks. If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. 

The design of the all new FREEDOM+ Surf is the result of collaboration with Ocean & Earth and 2 x World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll. The removable power module with LED indication for power on/off and battery life, is housed in the custom designed Ocean & Earth tail pad kicker, enabling you to move the power module easily between your boards and for recharging. The all important antenna electrodes have been designed into a sticker thin adhesive decal applied to the underside of the surfboard. The adhesive decal antenna is only 500 microns sticker thin so there is no zero on your surfing performance. This FREEDOM+ Surf bundle includes everything you need to turn your surfboard into an electrical shark deterrent. The FREEDOM+ Surf is suitable for all surfers and all surfing levels (not suitable for children under 14). Download the brochure here or view online here.



Key features of the FREEDOM+ Surf:

• Technology scientifically proven to turn sharks away

• Removable power module housed in custom Ocean & Earth tail pad / decal antenna

• Near zero drag, sticker-thin adhesive decal antenna is only 500 microns thin

• Little to no impact on surfing performance with only 250gm located in the tail pad

• Fully user installable, can be fitted too new or old boards, short or long

• Affordable Ocean & Earth tail pads for all boards in the quiver

• Rechargeable 6 Hour lithium battery with LED indicator for power on/off and battery life

• International charging dock provides fast re-charge time of only 2 hour


Nothing’s Stopping You.

In 1995, it was discovered that sharks have a heightened sensitivity to close-range, low frequency electrical fields. Two decades of intensive global research has developed this knowledge into a reliable and essential piece of equipment that protects visitors to the ocean and the sharks that live there.

Shark Shield consists of two electrodes which, when both are submerged, emit a three-dimensional electronic field that surrounds the user. When a shark comes within a few meters of the Shark Shield, the strong electronic pulses emitted by the device cause the shark to experience muscle spasms.

This does NOT harm the shark in any way, but merely causes it to experience a high level of discomfort. From testing, the closer the shark is to the Shark Shield field, the more spasms occur in the sharks’ snouts, which results in it turning away from the electronic field, thereby protecting the user.


Your Life. Your Rules.

When you’re out there surfing, you only want to focus on the next wave. With Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf on your board, there’s nothing stopping you! The no-drag adhesive antennae on the bottom of your board creates an electrical field that creates a protective three-dimensional electrical that turns sharks away, so you can land the perfect wave.

Not only does Shark Shield give you peace of mind, but Shark Shield also directly support the conservation of sharks by removing the need for culling or other lethal means of managing human and shark interactions. Shark Shield devices have no known long term effects on sharks, and do not affect other ocean creatures.

If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. 




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