Surfing. Sledding. Put the two together and what do you get? Snurfing! The '70s bindingless snowboard sensation is back, opening up a new world of adventure. It's American ingenuity at its most awesome. Whether you're gliding down a slope in the backyard or carving turns on an untamed mountain, the Snurfer is redefining winter fun for everyone. 

The original Snurfer changed winter forever. Almost 50 years ago, the patent was issued for a short, wide single board, totally unlike traditional skis. Add a rope, and you're flying down the hills in style. Snurfer took the nation by storm and now it's back and better than ever.

Forget the complicated gear. Snurfers are simple, durable, and tons of fun. Each board is crafted from the finest maple available, right here in the USA. There's no metal rails or bindings to get in the way, just a unique riding experience where balance meets pure enjoyment.

From the Classic to the modern, updated Nomad, everyone loves a Snurfer. Grab one and perfect your moves, then join us for a little behind the scenes with America's favorite backyard snow surfer. Share your Snurfer stories and photos, check out what's happening on the hills, and more!

Vew-Do Balance Boards 1990 

In 1965, a sensation was born. A wide piece of wood, equipped with a rope handle, carved down a backyard incline and the Snurfer came to life. Aptly named by combining the words "snow" and "surfer," a Snurfer makes it easy for kids of all ages to have a blast wherever the ground slopes—in powder or on a dusting, it doesn't matter.

The Snurfer quickly became an icon; over the following decade, more than a million boards were sold. Standing up on a board to carve turns down a slope became one of the most popular winter sports of all time—what we now know as snowboarding.

But the Snurfer itself slowly slipped into obscurity. As modern snowboarding has evolved, we've lost something in the ever-expanding market of lift tickets, energy drinks, lifestyle clothing, and redundant "tech." That's why we're reintroducing the low-tech, incredibly fun Snurfer, the board that started it all. Today, Balance Designs Inc.—the parent company of Vew-Do Balance Boards and NUB Balance Boards—is proud to bring back one of the ski industry's most iconic brands.

Our retro-modern Classic and all-new, reinvented Nomad Snurfer boards ditch the frills and let you get back to what matters—having fun outside! We're celebrating American ingenuity and craftsmanship, too. Unlike many of the snow-sports products on the market, our boards are made in the USA from 100% North American hardwood—just like our Vew-Do and NUB Balance Boards.

Whether you're a snow-sports enthusiast who wants to bring some nostalgia back into your life or a kid (of any age!) looking to turn heads at the local sledding hill, Snurfer is here. Join in, share your stories, post your pics, and enjoy what snow surfing can bring to your winter.

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