Unknown SoulJah International is a multi-faceted organization; producing original clothing and music for the masses. Created on the Caribbean Island of Barbados, Unknown Souljah has expanded globally offering conscious products for the entire world. Unknown SoulJah Clothing provides an all season clothing line for the active male and female. Combining high quality fabric with cutting edge graphic arts, Unknown SoulJah Garments will separate you from the mainstream. Unknown SoulJah Music is dedicated to discovering the hottest musical artists from around the globe. SoulJah Sound steps into the future, blending Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Roots Reggae rhythms with a conglomeration of street smart MC's. Unknown SoulJah Lifestyle showcases just a few souljahs of the World. Those doing it for the pure joy and thrill of it all. We seek out those who know it's about more, a lot more, than just money and fame. Unknown SoulJah believes that many talented persons go unnoticed by Corporate Companies. Unknown SoulJah was created for the Underground Charger possessing talent and ambition.

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