The Vew-Do Difference

Balance, some take it for granted, but if you’ve found yourself here, you’re already way ahead of the game because you know that balance is something to be worked on, developed and improved. And when you improve your balance, you’ll also strengthen your core and lower body and improve your overall coordination, reducing the risk of falls and injuries from falls. 

From the very beginning, we wanted to make a balance board that did more than go back-n-forth, we wanted three dimensional movement; back-n-forth, side-to-side, toe-heel, and all the rotational variants that you can dream of. To accomplish this, we came up with our patented I-Beam construction and have been spinning circles on our boards ever since. Edging and rotation changes the game completely and provides a total balance program that is fun and beneficial. Have fun cruising through the site to learn about all the benefits of using a balance board and the different types we offer - there is a board for every need, from serious fitness or rehab to just plain fun. 

"Trees fall because the stability of the root system is compromised; unable to support the rest of the tree. Situational loss of balance and stability in humans suffers from the same circumstance. Strengthen the roots and you strengthen the tree." - Brew Moscarello 

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