Our story really begins in Glendale, California when our oldest brother Jaz Wray got his first skateboard. Jaz, myself [Jeremy Wray] and our younger brother, Jonas would all take turns riding down the local hills. We figured out pretty quickly that it would be way more fun if we each had our own skateboard so we could all roll together. Jonas was the next one to get a board and I got mine shortly thereafter on my 8th birthday. The three of us then hit the streets and learned how to bomb hills and roll fast! We skated everywhere. Over the years to follow we met up with other local skaters and got introduced to the joys of skating launch ramps, mini ramps and backyard pools. Jaz, being the oldest and in high school at this point moved on to other things and skated mostly for a fun mode of transportation while Jonas and I got bit by the skateboarding bug pretty hard and had an ever growing addiction to it. Our family ended up moving to Calabasas, California for a little over a year before moving again and landing in La Habra, California. Moving introduced us to new skaters, new spots and new tricks. The multiple changes of scenery actually helped us progress as skateboarders and as people. During our time in La Habra, skateboarding popularity was at an all time low. A lot of people had quit altogether. Jonas and I kept at it and started getting a small crew together that was down to skate and even started filming our first videos together. [One of those early skate buddies was the one and only Paul Luna who we still skate, film and shoot with today! He has his own model available on Wraybros brand.] We sent in our first sponsor me videos to companies that we liked and attended Skatecamp in Visalia, California. It wasn’t long afterward that Jonas and I started picking up our first sponsors and getting free skate products for the first time. We got to shoot photos for the magazines and film for our sponsor’s skate videos. We got to meet, skate with, and get to know all of our childhood skate heros. We got to travel and skate all over the world. Both of us became professional skateboarders. Making a living doing something we loved, grew up doing and would gladly do for free. It really was the best of times! After riding for other companies and designing top selling skateboard products for them for the better part of the last 20 years, Jonas and I decided it was time to start a brand of our own and do it our way. We could see a shift happening in the industry and didn’t agree with the direction a lot of the brands were going in. We want Wray Bros brand to be an extension of everything we love about skateboarding and create a platform through which we can give back to the skateboard community in a pure and positive way. Join us on our journey. Skating is better with your bros! – Jeremy Wray

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