XYZ was originally started as a skate shop in Carlsbad, California in the summer of 1992, by pro-skateboarder, Danny Way and childhood friend, Tommy Caudill. Skateboarding was outlawed in Carlsbad 3 years later turning the Carlsbad skateboarding scene into a dust bowl, this led to the demise of the retail stage of XYZ. So Danny and Tommy decided it was time to start focusing on XYZ Clothing 100% and XYZ Clothing was born.
Riders such as Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Heath Kirchart, Peter Hewitt, Chris Lambert, Train wreck, Neal Mims, Bill Weiss, Santee Fe Mike, Justin Bokma, Ronnie Bertino and a slew of others that dominated the skate scene. Over the decades XYZ Clothing has released the most cutting edge skateboarding videos and propaganda utilizing its powerhouse team and creating the most cutting edge clothing line designed by skateboarders.


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